Marketing Your Property

We showcase your property (in its best light) to an audience of suitable tenants. Our team make your property stand out in the rental market.

Finding Your Tenants

After showings, our thorough screening process ensures the perfect match for both tenant and investor. Credit Checks and references are examined carefully.  Our recommendations are given to you for the final decision on tenant placement.

Tenant Move In

At the Move in, tenants are given an Arrow Property Management Welcome Package.  This package includes all pertinent information respective to their rental property, area, as well as resources and emergency protocol to ensure a smooth and safe transition in their new home. 

Repair & Maintenance

Proper repair and maintenance ensures that your tenants are safe, and protects your investment from future costly repairs.  We will reach out to you for consent to proceed on all repairs past a certain dollar threshold with the exception of emergency situations. The repair threshold is set to your specific preference.  Repair work is documented with photos and receipts.

Collect Rental Income

Tenants pay rent via pre-authorized debit, email money transfer, cheques, or money order.  Cash and credit cards are not excepted. Depending on their lease start date, the tenant pays on the 1st or 15th of the month. Rental increases can only take place once per year, and is subject to standard allowable rent increase as set by the LTB.  Funds are deposited into your account monthly, and  a detailed statement is provided each month. 

Move Tenants Out

A tenant must provide at least  60 days notice to end their tenancy after the conditions of the initial lease has been fulfilled.  During the move out inspection, we thoroughly clean, and compare it with the original record of condition with the move in inspection.